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Patients will need an initial evaluation by Dr. Doniparthi. If you live further away, the initial evaluation will be conducted over the telephone. NAD in Georgia offers treatment with BR+ NAD, and other biological substrates to improve outcomes. We offer counseling services during your treatment and will arrange post-treatment counseling in your area. Most treatments are 10 days. Your daily clinic visit for intravenous therapy will last between 5-10 hours, depending upon your needs. Overnight stays are required and the clinic is close by to a variety of hotels, and variety of restaurants to suit everyone’s tastes. We offer nutritional counseling during your stay, as nutrition is the cornerstone to better health and longevity.

Addiction and the effects of addiction can last a lifetime. Dr. Doniparthi offers treatments options that include short and long-term regimens that will assist in preventing relapse. The regimens include both at-home and in-clinic options.

Under the direction of Dr. Doniparthi, the patient’s health disorder is targeted at its core through the perspective of healing at a cellular level. Appropriate testing is completed and a targeted plan of oral and intravenous infusion therapies are initiated, as well as in-depth education on the power of food in health.

Our program is truly natural and holistic in nature. We do not believe that treatment simply consists of substituting one drug for another, as many other treatment centers do. We strive not to prescribe anti-anxiety, anti-depressant or other medication as a solution order to deal with mental health issues. Due to this, we are not able to take all types of addicts and any potential clients must go through a thorough assessment either in person or over the phone prior to enrollment.

Yes. It is completely safe. Our licensed nurses work under the supervision of a licensed physician who approves a customized treatment plan and reviews each patient’s progress. The intravenous solutions are made by a U.S. licensed compounding pharmacy.

PC is a special, highly concentrated mixture of phospholipids with the highest one being Phosphatidylcholine. The key fact is that PC declines with age and disease

Chemically speaking, phospholipids are the active component in lecithin. Compared to a typical fat or triglyceride (“Tri” meaning three fatty acids attached) phospholipids contain two fatty acids and in place of the third fatty acid they have a

phosphorous containing head group. A phospholipid is unique because its tail likes oil and its head group likes water. When a phospholipid comes in contact with water, it spontaneously forms a “bi-layer structure”. The bi-layer functions as the “skin” or “membrane” of living cells and organelles.

Another crucial component of a phospholipid is the type of fatty acids attached to it. A phospholipid such as soy-derived polyenylphosphatidylcholine is rich in linoleic and linolenic acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids that provide “fluidity” to the cell membrane. Maintaining membrane fluidity is vital, as the membrane is crucial to the majority of cellular activities.

Call (678) 242-0204 to schedule an assessment appointment. During the assessment, a questionnaire and the patient’s current history and current medical status are reviewed. In some cases, a brief physical and blood tests may be required. The fee is $395.

Daily treatment varies from day to day. The first two days typically run from 8 to 10 hours each day. The remaining days usually take 4 to 6 hours per day.

You may bring any quiet activity as that does not disturb others. Television and Internet access provided.  We ask that phone conversations be kept to a minimum.

The BR+ NAD treatment at Functional Medicine of Georgia is an outpatient program.

Functional Medicine of Georgia wishes to express our gratitude for your commitment and service to our country.  We recognize that military service sometimes carries its own set of stress-related issues that can benefit from BR+ NAD therapy.  Also recognizing that you may not be financially prepared to take advantage of this restorative program, we are offering financial assistance to qualified veterans. Please contact us today to find out more about how BR+ NAD therapy can benefit you and if you qualify for financial assistance.

PC rebuilds the membrane and increases fluidity, which is synonymous with saying that PC is life itself.

There are no known side effects with PC.

No, it’s a phospholipid.

Chemical dependence, chronic stress related disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases destroy healthy functioning of the brain. Rebalancing the brain requires detoxification and cell function stabilization. BR+ NAD is an IV protocol that administers a co-enzyme of vitamin B3, along with oral combinations of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. This process renders the patient nearly or completely free of cravings and withdrawal symptoms. BR+ NAD therapy at Functional Medicine of Georgia is a detox process based upon the patient’s history and needs delivered in an outpatient setting. Specially trained nurses under the supervision of a licensed physician administer each treatment.

Based on an accurately completed patient questionnaire, BR+NAD can simultaneously treat addictions to many combinations of prescribed or illicit substances, including prescription drugs, recreational drugs, and alcohol.

The disease of addiction is a chronic illness just like diabetes. There is no cure to date. BR+ NAD is a safe, effective management tool.

No. If the patient uses any mood-altering substances after treatment is complete, the brain’s chemical balance will be altered and physical cravings will likely return. However, if a patient does relapse, a simple one- or two-day booster will be sufficient for restoration provided the patient returns for a booster as soon as possible after using or if cravings return.

After treatment, the patient is no longer physically addicted and may certainly resume a normal life; however, an addicted person will typically not have been leading a normal life for some time. In order to rejoin the world successfully, a variety of aftercare coping strategies can be helpful. We will be happy to refer you to any of the following:

  • AA, NA, and/or other 12-step program
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Family psychotherapy
  • Nutrition programs
  • Exercise programs
  • Affinity and other social groups
  • Residential and/or intensive outpatient programs

Individual counseling/family counseling is provided as needed.  

We are not a Medicare / Medicaid provider. Some insurance companies may provide coverage. You will need to contact your insurance carrier to confirm coverage. Payment is expected at time of service. We do not file claims or accept payment from insurance companies directly, We can, in some cases provide you with all necessary documents you will need to seek reimbursement.