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Dr. Krishna Doniparthi 

Dr. Krishna Doniparthi is the director and physician at NAD in Georgia, located in Milton, Georgia; just north of Atlanta. He has been practicing medicine since 2002 in both private-practice family medicine and hospital-based emergency medicine. Dr. Doniparthi is board certified in Regenerative & Functional Medicine, Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine. 

Dr. Doniparthi is inspired to work with patients that have been unsuccessful using standard medicine approaches and who are committed to making lifestyle changes to regain their health. He started practicing Addiction Medicine in 2012 and is certified by SAMHSA under the DATA 2000 to help patients using buprenorphine for Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT). Dr. Doniparthi is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine since 2016.

His extensive knowledge in other modalities of medicine have lead him to combine NAD+ with nutrition and biological substrates to achieve the best results possible.

He grew up in Chicago, did his undergraduate work at Loyola University in Chicago, and went to India and West Indies for medical school. He finished his residency at the University of Alabama and was the chief resident there. Dr. Doniparthi has been living in greater Atlanta since 2005.

Training with the pioneer of BR+ NAD, Dr. Richard Mestayer at Springfield Wellness Center, Louisiana, he helps the NAD+ Scientific Advisory Board with hopes of publishing more on the benefits of NAD+ in human health.